English course (first meet up) – Introduction my self

My name is Muhammad Tri Wibowo. People usually call me akhmad,tri,m3, or bowo. Now, i’m 24 years old. I’ve graduated from Informatics Engineering in UIN. After it, i continue my study in KAHFI Public Speaking School for diploma degree.

Often, people are confused and ask me, why i take diploma degree after i finished my undergraduate in UIN. The answer is i want to be a good motivator in the future. It is my goal, not just be a good motivator, my another goal is being bussiness man and develop orphanage organization to become independent organization especially in financial, so they will no depend on donor for supporting daily needs. Maybe there will be another question for you about my goal, that’s why i want too develop orphanage organization. My reason is i believe in verses of Qur’an that contain statements “Who is being obey, then God will open way ot for his problems, and give the gift from unpredictable ways” (QS.65:2-3). Because of that verses; i don’t worry to do my goal.

Not only orphanage organization, but also i want to develop street singer and beggar to be a better people. Now, i have desire to get right wife. I have some criterias foor my wife candidate, such as, she must be pious, beatiful, has sincere heart, has care in social life, smart, and can fullfil my weakness to support my goal. I hope, my wife has similar vision in social life. I hope before accomplished my study in KAHFI, i can find my dream wife and get married with her as soon as possible šŸ™‚


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    Waaaa… Nice Reading your Profile.. šŸ˜€
    may You get what you wish as soon as possible..
    you’ll be one of my motivators in my life, coz i like your spirit in getting your Great Dreams… šŸ™‚
    wish We Luck..

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