Historical of myself


I was born on the very early morning of Friday the 2nd of October, 1987, in the town of Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. I am the third child in the family, with three sisters and one brother.
My early childhood was spent a lot enough in Banjarnegara start 1989 until 2005 when our family moved to Banjarnegara, the small town in Central Java, Indonesia, because my father got a job as an employee at PT.Indonesia Power. My elementary education was taken in Krandegan Elementary School, from year 1993 to 1999. Then, I continued to Banjarnegara I Junior High (SMP N 1 Banjarnegara) and then Banjarnegara I Senior High (both in Banjarnegara, of course, and they are favourite school in our city, I be grateful for this), and graduated in 2005. In 2005, I return again to Jakarta, the town of my born, to continued my study at State Islamic University of Jakarta (in indonesian well known as UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta), taking the Informatic Engineering major. Right now, I’m still studying at there.
Since I was in elementary school I very like arithmetic, because of it, mathematic becomes my favourite lesson. All praise belongs to God, almost all the math exam, I always get good grades, the final exam, I got the highest score for math lessons in my city, with score 9.9 out of 10 grade. In addition to math, I also like the gym class, especially football, my position is as a central defender. With exercise makes my body always fit. About in the year 1998, I also found myself to be interested in computers since I was a child, when my father bought a second PC with Pentium I processor for use at home, i’m very happy at the moment. Started playing games in my PC, I also learned how to operate and configure my PC, until one day my computer is broken because I am too often tamper with my computer. My neighboor, who is a computer technician is trying to fix my computer, I watched him closely how to fix the computer when it been damaged. Stems from that, I became more aware about troubleshooting of computer.

When I was in junior high school, I’m just ordinary person without having any accomplishment. No one can be proud of me, but I am embarrassed by misbehavior at the time. Once upon a time I almost did not graduate because the value of faulty points already in breach of threshold. Because I was naughty, the school called my parents to responsible my misbehavior. My mother and me come to the call. School representatives give a final warning for us, so I don’t not to misbehave again. If I break it, so I didn’t graduate, at the time I received the last warning, my mother cried suddenly, she told him that he accepted the decision and apologize for my behavior, I am very touched to see it, and I also cried. It made me realize that parents really loved me, it’s so different from what I have been thinking before that my parents like a cop who always manage, scolding, and watching myself. Before, I hate my parents so much, but since it happened, I turned 180 degrees to really become love my parents. I take advice from my parents. I take advice from my parents not to smoke and cheating during exams, so I left all my delinquency. My mother told me that she was more proud of a bad score for the exam but the result of hard work rather than a good score during the exam but it was resulted of cheating. I finally successful to graduate from junior high school because I didn’t violate the last warning, just the opposite, little by little my behavior to be better than before.

After graduated from junior high school, I sign up to Banjarnegara 1 senior high school. The condition didn’t change much, since most students also come from the same junior high school, just like moving the class and level :). Different from when I was in junior high schools which not taken any activity, I decide to organize. I joined several organizations, including intra-school organization (OSIS), islamic spiritual institutions (ROHIS) and privacy football team. I get a lot of valuable experience when i’ve join organize. I had several times been a leader in various events, including Islamic boarding school quiz and competition, OSIS Football League 2003, etc. I’m also a head of sport division in OSIS. I am very thankful, because before I was a very shy and nervous when speaking in public. With joining a organization, not only increase my confident, It’s also improve my ability to managed time, and lead.

My first competition in high school is not a field of study, but sport, basketball. Beside football, I like playing basketball, but not much, if it compared to playing football. I with two of my friends joined 3 on 3 competition of basketball in Purworkerto, a town close to my city. We won nothing, but, that’s ok,I still enjoy the pleasure of the struggle to compete in a game. A few months later, my football team joined indonesian national football tournament held by PT.APACINTI in Salatiga. Unfortunately, my football team failed to qualify to the final, after losing a penalty shoot-out with a senior high football team from Batang, a city in central java. All the players and official cry, except me. I don’t know why I can’t cry, altough I feel very sad and dissapointed. I tried to calm my friends who cried for strong and brave to accept the lossing. But strangely, I could only cry when I had arrived home :).

Actually, I really want to join the Mathematic or Computer Olympiad, but was never included as a candidate who will be selected by the school to be a school representative to attend Olympiad. I can understand, because I was more focused with my activities in the organization that has a lot to develop my skills outside the academic. But, once upon a time, because my desire to be a representative of the school, I learned from my friend who is a candidate to be selected by the school to follow the Computer Olympiad, although I knew that I was not included as the selected candidate :). He give me a handbook of PASCAL Programming. After it, I just started learning programming when I in the 2nd or 3rd grade of senior high(if I remembered it correctly) with the PASCAL programming language in Turbo PASCAL, unfortunately, because, actually I really want to learn from the junior high school. When I was In junior high school, my parents not agree if I learn programming and feel that I was not old enough to learn it.

In the year 2005, I graduated from High school. I tried to register to IT major in ITB through UMPTN. But, but I failed to be accepted in these majors. Please note that at the time IT major in ITB is the major with the highest passing grade, you must have less than 70% grade to be accepted, which means less than 70% over the tested must be correct all. Finally I decided to join State Islamic University of Jakarta which is the second choice after IT major in ITB. I know that the UIN is not as well known as other universities like BINUS, UI, ITB or ITS, Even at first did not know at all about UIN, except I only know that there are IT majors :). For that I am determined and want to try to prove that the UIN is able to compete and not inferior to other universities. There are 2 visions or dreams that I want to realize later when I was in college at UIN, are as follows:


  1. UIN is able to compete and not inferior to other universities, to make it happen, its mission by following the various competitions and won.
  2. I want to be useful for others. I know that many people are more intelligent and extraordinary than me, for that I want to be someone who not only smart but can be useful for others, to make it happen, its missions are create a useful product nor make a book about IT.


~all of successful started from a dream~


During college at UIN, I stayed at my aunt’s house with my sister who works in Pondok Indah as a pharmacist (also with my aunt’s family, of course).


In August, I started college at UIN. Not many activities I do, only attends lectures, but I’m still looking for any competition I can follow.



At the beginning of the year, I finally found a competition that I can follow. The competition is imagine cup, its competition about holding the tools that can make their vision a reality, or create an imagination to solve a problem and make it become reality. I and two of my friends try to join this competition. The theme is carried in the year 2006 is “Imagine a world where technology enables us to live healthier lives”. My team brings the idea about patient’s condition warning system which is being treated in hospital. But, we failed to qualify to the final. However, the failure does not make me despair, I’m still trying to stay strong and eager to continue to compete. I still dreams that one day my first vision can be realized.

In June, accidentally I see competition that I can follow, ACM INC 2006 held by BINUS university. I saw the posters that were on the table when meeting with heads of academic. With our own money, I and my friend joined this competition. UIN also sent two official representatives in this competition. So, overall the participants from UIN that joining this competition as many as four people. ACM INC (Association for Computing Machinery Indonesia National Contest) is an annual multi-tiered computer programming competition among the universities in Indonesia. But, we failed to qualify to the final, I got a rating of about 200 of the approximately 235 participants, and my friend got a better rating than me. But, two representatives from UIN managed to qualify to the final of this competition. Unfortunately, in the final, they won nothing. Although I can accept this failure, but, I feel the result were not maximal, because I can tell, there is very little preparation at all from UIN, just sign up and without a well-prepared material. In fact, this competition takes a lot of time to prepare to face the competition. This time (in 2009), I just knew a year ago that binus usually prepare themselves for about five months before the competition. Because of it, I had the idea to create a study group to prepare for the competition next year. I create a study group not long after the this competition.

Then, I tried to find out who the right person who can guide and teach us to face the competition. I asked to my seniors about who is the right person and also looking for it with observed ability and teaching styles of all lecturer. Finally, I found it, he is Mr.Taufik, a lecturer of linier algebra. I choose him, because he has teach ability, analysis, programming, and arithmetic well. One time, I met him and asked him to be our teacher study groups. I was amazed, he was willing and sincere to teach us without asking for payment. This study group was not run long, just a few months, since Mr. Taufik went to Japan to continue his studies in doctoral’s degree.

In this year, I also develop porn site blocker, but I not continued it, because some bug.



In addition to attending various competitions, I have also joined Islamic spiritual institutions (LDK) in my campuss. I was there as a member of the research and development division. Our task is to hold various events that can improve the scientific and academic ability, including seminars, workshops, etc.

One time, our division held award for the member of LDK who have the highest of GPA named “akademik AWARD 2007”. All members of LDK are asked to provide copies of GPA, then to assess who has the highest of GPA. After the assessment by the judge, I found I and my friend was awarded for the highest GPA. Both, I and Olia (female) are members of the research and development division. Keep in mind, there is no corruption at all :), because I am not a judge, and our GPA are cumlaude. I am really happy, because this is my first award during the college. I hope this is the beginning of my success.

In mid years, exact in June, ACM INC held again by Binus University. I joined ACM INC again, There is little change in format compared to last year, previously is an individual competition, in this year become team competition. In my second ACM INC, our team failed to qualify for the final again, because we made a fatal mistake when answering the questions. My friend forgot to give me an important constaint needed to answering the questions. It cause our team’s answer be wrong. But, that’s ok, because it was a valuable experience for us to face the next competition.

Management of LDK ended around mid-year, I finished my job at there. In November, I was elected as presidential candidate for executive agency major of IT and IS. There are about three to four candidates. One of them is my classmate, what?? I’m suprise enough, I compete with my classmate?? Visions that I bring in the election campaign is not too different than my visions when first I come here – “make our major able to compete with another university major of it”. Fortunately, I failed to win this election. I got 2nd position in this election, the elected president is Mr.Amink, from IS major. Hahay….Congratz for him. Actually, there is no problem with me, because I did not really expect to be elected as president. For me whoever wins should be ok, as long as able to bring a lot of good changes for our major. Unlike me, my friend who is senior was elected as president for executive agency of science and technology faculty. Then, he offered me to be general secretary of his organization. With much consideration, I finally accepted the offer.

Not usual, in the end of this year, my academic of IT major held a software development contest named ASTI (Ajang Software Teknik Informatika). Its first competition held by our major. I’m so glad, isn’t it? The theme is all about academic. Each team must develop a system can be useful for the major. I offered two of my classmate, Bima and Ayu, to joined this competition. Fortunately, they accepted my offer. First, we discussed about what we will develop for this competition, finally we decide to develop a academic scoring system, because the academic don’t have it yet and lack of serve from academic that it still served manually.

We divide several jobs to each member. Bima got jobs as primary programmer, and secondary analyst of system, Ayu got a jobs as primary analyst of system and designer of database, and I got a jobs as secondary programmer and project manager. Our team have survey in several time to academic, to learn all about academic scoring. For about two weeks, our team develop academic scoring system. In this the competition, our team won the first place. I was very delighted to know that our team won against the senior who have higher level than us. This winning become my first winning in competition of computer field.

After winning its competition, i’ve got a problem about myself, my thingking change, i thingking that GPA is not too important, the most important is our skill. It caused i not too focus with my college, i decide to grow up my skill, finally, in 5th grade, my GPA is down enough. But, after that, i understand with my false thingking, then, i change my thingking, it is that the GPA is not main, but the first. It is important enough, but the most important is our skill. After i change my thingking, my GPA again grow up.



In the middle of this year, BINUS University held ACM INC 2008. Then, I tried to start learning in our study group. After rebuild this study group, finally we formally open registration to new member that interest to join with our study group. My study group named Brainplusplus programming club. Our study group’s vision is increasing programming skill to UIN students, until now, our study group is still running.

Our lecturer, Mr. Taufik S., returned to UIN from doctoral’s program in Japan. He cancelled his study in Japan, because of some reason. Mr.Taufik teach us again. I prepare my study group to join this competition about 1 month. At least twice a week we pratice to solve the problem set that we had. UIN was sent five team to joined this competition. My team has the same teammates as well as when I won ASTI competition. Finally, my team successfully went to final after we solve one of five problems in the last minute of competition. I’m so glad, first, our team had succesfully go to final. Yuhuy…second, it’s first time to us, we can solve the problem in this competition. Third, this make me more glad, because i was a scorer. I become a part of history, at least my own history. But, unfortunately, in the final my team lost, we only can solve one of eight problem. That’s ok, i was satisfied with the result, because it was better than the previous year.

In this year, i awarded the best student of IT Major. This award held by executive agency of science and technology faculty. The scoring based from IT major’s student polling. I to be grateful with this achievement, thanks God.


“My life motto : become a part of history or become a watcher of history.”


After the competition we joined the training about programming contest, in Binus University for two months. This training held to prepare ACM ICPC Asia Regional which is higher level than ACM INC. I was amazed with teams of Binus University, they have more practice to prepare this competition, three times in a week, and try to solve at least 70 problem for two weeks, its so different with us in previous that not joined this training, only twice in a week, and only try to solve at least 2 problem for two weeks!!! Wow!! It’s like goliath comparing to david. In asia regional competition, my team managed to get 23rd out of 50th rank. Whereas, the strongest team of Binus managed to get 8th rank. The winner in this competition is team come from Jiaotong University.



In January until May, i take a job as java programmer at PT.BKS. I chose not to continue my job, because i want to continue struggling to reach my dreams and visions. In July, our team joined Open Jive 2009 (Open Source Competition) held by Sun Microsystems(one of the bigest IT corporates in the world) with different teammates and won the 3rd places. With the result, we failed to represent Indonesia in Regional Contest was held in Singapore, because only won the 1st places can represent Indonesia. But, i’m very happy with this achievement, its first timer i won national competition, altought i’m not won the 1st places.i hope the next be better.

In October, ACM INC 2009 again held by BINUS to selected teams to represent Indonesia in Asia Regional Competition (ACM ICPC). It was the last ACM Competition i joined as a university student. Unfortunately, we failed to qualify to represent Indonesia in Asia Regional Competition, because we not prepared as well as last year. In November, research team of UIN represented by two of lectures was won IWIC 2009 (Indosat Wireless Inovation Contest) at research and development category. I’m a member of this research team, my role is a programmer. I again be grateful for this achievement.

Step by step, my dreams and visions in UIN become reality, altough my second visions not become reality yet. But, i’m still looking forward about bright future in UIN. I hope, my junior can continue my struggle and be better than me. I’m also planning to becoming reality my second dream in UIN, make a book of IT.


~maybe,,,we are nothing, but, we want to wanna do something~

~i don’t know about my future, but i can try the best for my future~


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